What Is the Middle School Reach Program?

Many middle school students need supervision before and after school. The caring staff at Reach will provide a safe environment with many structured and free time activities. Our staff will help them adjust to both the academic and social pressures of middle school.

 The Reach program will teach students a modified version of the Homework, Organizational and Planning Skills (HOPS) program. The HOPS program was developed by Dr. Joshua Langberg, from Virginia Commonwealth University, as an organizational and accountability system designed specifically for middle school students. Students will learn to organize homework and workspace, as well as how to hold themselves accountable for their academic success.

Our students are encouraged to participate in weekly skill-building lessons along with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities. Participating in these lessons will help them successfully transition into middle school, high school and beyond. The STEM activities mirror middle school curriculum and promote technology-based learning. New this year: food science experiments.

Our daily study center provides students the opportunity to receive academic assistance and finish homework each day. Students may work together on homework and class projects, as well as quiz each other before tests. We will provide your child with basic supplies like paper, pencils, rulers, markers and calculators.

Middle school students have a strong need to be part of a social group. They have very little time during the academic day to interact with their peers. Reach offers many opportunities for students to socialize with peers during their free time to help them learn the complex rules of working with others. In addition, we often introduce team-building activities that help foster this type of education. Each school offers a variety of games, crafts and special activities that are geared towards their individual interests.

For parents with busy schedules, students may come and go during the hours of Reach to attend adult-supervised clubs and sports throughout the year. With your permission, we will manage these activity dates and times for you. In addition, we offer a text-to-curb service that allows the parents to text their arrival to our staff and let the student sign themselves out.

Reach offers both morning and afternoon sessions for your convenience. The morning program runs from 7:05 to 8:15 a.m. We provide quiet time, homework assistance, the opportunity to buy school breakfast and optional structured activities. Our afternoon students arrive directly following the dismissal bell. Parents may pick up their child(ren) any time between 3:15 and 5:30 or 5:55 p.m., depending on your needs.

Be aware that Reach has grown quite a bit in the last year and we can no longer guarantee spots in our program. Please register in a timely manner so your child may attend Reach and begin on the first day of school. Registration will begin in February and is now completely online for your convenience.

If you have questions, contact me at: grizzell.reach@gmail.com

Annette Yu, curriculum and operations coordinator