Our 14 school site locations are uniquely developed within a standard curriculum structure. Most courses and activities are elective with only a few compulsory events. Weekly educational themes are selected to guide programing for activities. Our curriculum focuses on the development of social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. Each teacher provides a weekly lesson in math, science, cultural studies and cooperative learning. Every lesson is carefully intertwined with fun activities that engage the students while educating. Each program has a dedicated table and teacher for homework assistance. In addition, once per week, students participate in reading for 10 to 20 minutes.

There is a widely acknowledged, urgent need for improving and increasing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills among our students to help them navigate the modern world and access the opportunities it affords. Among students who are fortunate enough to have access to afterschool enrichment opportunities, the benefits of afterschool programs in general are well documented, showing positive impacts on both academic and behavioral development (Evaluations Backgrounder: A Summary of Formal Evaluations of Afterschool Programs’ Impact on Academics, Behavior, Safety and Family Life (2011). Afterschool Alliance). 
Although, Dublin Latchkey’s curriculum addresses all areas of education, we have focused on STEM and SEL as our foundation.

The program aims to create a link between the school day and our afterschool program. The structure of the program may consist of homework completion, academic enrichment, daily reading or remediation.  Our goal is to bridge the school day, after-school and support at home to benefit the child’s academic progress.

Dublin Latchkey has annual events across the district and locally at each building. Each year students compete in our art contest and the Latchkey Olympics/Minute to Win It.  Locally, many buildings hold events to celebrate cultural programs such as Chinese New Year, historical plays, and world holiday celebrations and traditions.

Each year new guest speakers are brought to our site for the edification of our students.  Past topics have been occupations (such as the FBI, firefighters and dentistry), educational resources (such as Metro Parks, Nature, nutrition and the Columbus Zoo) and educational programs (such as Zumba, baton twirling and Sparks Jump rope Team).

Dublin Latchkey brings in instructors from all professional backgrounds to teach educational but fun curriculum such as robotics, sign language, Rembrandts art program, PBS’s SciGirls STEM curriculum and videography.

As a non-profit dedicated to the education of children, we feel strongly about teaching students the role of a community and being responsible members of their communities. At each site, students are asked to participate in activities or tasks that benefit their own Latchkey communities. In addition, we select local and national charities to raise awareness and support.  Students learn about needed causes and how they can make a difference.