New schedule & tuition changes for Chapman, Depp, Glacier, IRE, OSE, SCE and Thomas.

Dublin City Schools will be transitioning your elementary school to a new school schedule.  This will allow the district to have enough bus drivers to operate during high absences due to COVID.The change will effect the following buildings only: Chapman, Depp, Glacier, IRE, OSE, SCE and Thomas.The schedule will begin November 30th, 2020 and will effect your December tuition.  If the new times effect your childcare needs, please call our office immediately to add … Read More

Latchkey Service for Hybrid and 100% online

Dear parents, As Dr. Hoadley stated in his Tuesday night address, there is the potential of starting the school year off with every student being 100% online learning. We understand with the potential changes comes uncertainty and maybe a little frustration.  We hope this information will help with both. Please know in both models we will be assisting students in completing their online school work.  It will be … Read More

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