Update 03/13/20

Tuition and school cancellation

A. Our policies provide for calamity days without refunds and we will be using these days in March. April’s payment will depend on the outcome of two scenarios:

  1. School is cancelled in April and the days missed will NOT be made up in June/ or other days in the school year.
    1. April’s payment will be prorated starting April 1st and depends on the date students return to school.
    1. We will post the prorated amount in your parent portal 3 days prior to the students returning. 
    1. We are asking that ALL parents write a check for the adjusted amount. We will not be running EFT’s in April for this scenario.  You may use our credit card feature as an electronic alternative.
    1. Your payment will be due the first 5 school days that are back in session.
  • School days cancelled in April and the days ARE made up this school year.
    • If the days are made up, we will provide service on those days.  We will continue with our normal payment schedule of full payment in April and May.  There will be no extra charge for the days in June/other dates, as they were included in the missed but paid for days in April.
    • You may pay the amount as you typically would under normal circumstances.
    • Your payment will be due the first 5 school days that are in session.

B. The school will be closed starting Monday. Friday will be our last service until school resumes.


Registration for 2020-2021 school year will continue with the due date of March 31st. You may mail your checklist and registration payment to our office or drop it off in our black box next to our door.

Office Hours

We will have normal office hours on Monday, March 16th.  For the rest of the week our office will be open limited hours and we request you call before you come over to the office. We will be closed for spring break.

Child Care Support

We have gathered a list of people who may be willing to provide home care in their personal capacities if you would like to contact them to make arrangements.  Please email this address to receive the list: care.dubkey@gmail.com. Such private arrangements and services are not a service of Latchkey, and persons willing to provide home care are not acting in their capacity as Latchkey employees, nor does Latchkey oversee such arrangements.  Latchkey expressly disclaims any liability for any such arrangement.  Latchkey does not recommend or endorse any personal services which may be provided through private arrangements.

We will communicate with you as needed and welcome your questions as we work through this challenging time for all of us.